segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

The Thymus Gland

    Thymus is a word of Greek origin meaning vital energy. Timo acts in regulating mood, the immune process and refinement of emotions among other functions; Your deregulated energy turning leads to the heart, lungs and coronary arteries various losses. When we stimulate this gland positively we can sort out our emotions, especially benefiting the proper functioning of the heart and throat chakras.

Exercise A - Feeling the presence of Timo: Standing with straight trunk, right arm 'hold' left shoulder. Place your hand just below the left shoulder and go 'walking' with his fingers toward the left scapula as much as possible. Do the same with the left arm.

Exercise B - Stimulating Timo: Make small taps with the pulp of the fingers on the breastbone (about 2 fingers below the collarbone). Ask these taps around this region exploring and feeling these vibrations; feel the heat produced in this region.

Exercise C - Releasing stagnation: Close hands fully and roll them together (the proximal and middle phalanges) over Timo, in central chest, between the nipples and toward you with cetra pressure to activate this energy center and Your Gland.

A Glândula do Timo

     Thymus é uma palavra de origem grega significa Energia Vital. O Timo atua na regulação do humor, no processo imunológico e no refinamento das emoções entre outras funções; seu giro energético desregulado acarreta ao coração, pulmões e artérias coronárias vários prejuízos. Quando estimulamos esta glândula positivamente podemos por em ordem nossas emoções, beneficiando especialmente o bom funcionamento dos chakras cardíaco e laríngeo. 

Exercício A - Sentindo a presença do Timo:  Em pé com o tronco ereto, com o braço direito 'abrace' o ombro esquerdo. Coloque a mão um pouco abaixo do ombro esquerdo e vá 'caminhando' com os dedos em direção à escápula esquerda o máximo que puder. Faça o mesmo com o braço esquerdo.

Exercício BEstimulando o Timo:  Faça pequenas batidinhas com a polpa dos dedos no esterno (aproximadamente 2 dedos abaixo da clavícula). Faça estas batidinhas ao redor dessa região explorando e sentindo estas vibrações; sinta o aquecimento produzido nessa região.

Exercício CLiberando a estagnação:  Feche as mãos totalmente e role-as juntas (as falanges proximais e médias) por sobre o Timo, na região central do peito, entre os mamilos e em sua direção com cetra pressão para ativar este centro energético e sua Glândula.

Deadly Games

     As were entertained in discord among brethren, we are manipulated like pieces on a chess game, are worth as much as a Az, valet or lady in a card table. Our destinations have been moved according to the data set and the orbit of our mind has been targeted as the cue ball in a game of pool. Are the games of the gods, mortals games for humanity dormant and addicted to sugar and in pain.
    The manipulation of the human psyche reaches finally to intolerable levels.
    Matter (the concrete buildings, asphalt, steel ...) keeps us stuck in a static which is not common to planet Earth; Nature (rivers, forests, plants and animals) are mobile and an upward vibration that makes natural human enlightenment that simple need only be lit on fire the Erotic and Sexuality with no physiological orgasm. But do not let us wake up.
Who are they? Who do they think they are?

About Reptilians

   In our research we have proven a series of attacks against humanity and their close relationship with the reptilian presence and other races in his service acting on this planet. We are experiencing a mass hypnosis that is done largely through the media, contaminated vaccines and the meticulously calculated economic system to keep us chained to a false reality.
   There are so many new diseases that come out every year, so many environmental problems that are not justified only in industrial pollution, endless inexplicable situations ...
No wonder so many anomalies in less than fifty years? It would be all fruit of nature's changes by itself?
  The reptilians are among us long ago infiltrated in political office, media, scientific etc. Are responsible for vital human weakness and planetary creatures that survive at the expense of the energy of other races, they drain for themselves the energy of the Earth and humanity for survival.
  Our blue planet of pure vitality draws a lot of attention and is not universal today that there is a control action on us. Are control chips, black cubes, white and crystalline that prevent the natural upward flow of the human race, pyramids that direct lighting should also be natural humanity, as well as a whole universal geometry being used to prevent the natural course of human evolution .
   Before it was a delirium, nonsense, but just search the Internet in any language and see that there is a flood of information that are repeated and complement each stating the same: - there are extraterrestrial races who are plundering gold, light and all wealth of our planet.

    For the rest, do not just, search, observe, check for yourself!

Follow the link of a video to illustrate our information.