segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

Deadly Games

     As were entertained in discord among brethren, we are manipulated like pieces on a chess game, are worth as much as a Az, valet or lady in a card table. Our destinations have been moved according to the data set and the orbit of our mind has been targeted as the cue ball in a game of pool. Are the games of the gods, mortals games for humanity dormant and addicted to sugar and in pain.
    The manipulation of the human psyche reaches finally to intolerable levels.
    Matter (the concrete buildings, asphalt, steel ...) keeps us stuck in a static which is not common to planet Earth; Nature (rivers, forests, plants and animals) are mobile and an upward vibration that makes natural human enlightenment that simple need only be lit on fire the Erotic and Sexuality with no physiological orgasm. But do not let us wake up.
Who are they? Who do they think they are?