quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2015

The Commerce by back of the Ayahuasca

  The legality of the use of Ayahuasca is based on the religious character / ritual of his ministry. Its preparation from planting, harvesting, fermentation and storage objective spiritual work and not trade.
   Currently we have seen an intense trade ayahuasca in our region, we know that the cost of production fails to 20.00 per liter and higher values to that of the person are charged for participating in the rituals with Ayahuasca. The commerce are used in many explanations to collect people's access to the Ayahuasca, but there is nothing to justify charging for what is human right.
   Working with the aid of the plants is the natural way, happens always and always will. With ayahuasca we remember that there is a deity and connect to it, there comes a work that no one can do for each other.
   Watching the trade routes that have done with ayahuasca, just ask:
- It is valid to put a price on people's access to their own divinity? - Valid trade with the spiritual teachings? - It is safe to put as Lord and Master to another person, knowing that each has its own lord and master? 
  It is true that nothing in ayahuasca snake, just ask a little respect and a certain order so that jagubes teachers and chacronas can work.

terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

About Ayahuasca Institute I

     The Ayahuasca Institute does not use drugs with mystical names such as Santa Maria (marijuana), Santa Clara (cocaine), St. Peter (crack), nor any '' holy drug '' associated with Ayahuasca. Due to the responsibility with the welcome families, anyone who likes and practice pedophilia, anal sex and the like, should know that is fit to go to any worthy Church Hoasqueira, to correct and align with nature, to look after this school. Here we seek the Supra Sexuality, sexual union by love and not by interest.
      We work exclusively with donations and do not accept in our practical people who are on drugs or that will only consume the energy of the Sacred Ayahuasca. People with addictions are welcome to leave their vices, we understand that when one understands the evil that is doing to you, to be loved, family and society it is ready to change.
     During the practices close to know the loved ones that we carry (anger, pride, fear ...), and have the chance to choose - even want this fear? This pride? This anger? When we finally understand why and define change, we ask for divinity lives in us, to disintegrate and remove the mind, heart and sex that destroys us.

One day at a time.
. na.

quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

Ayahuasca and Health

   As our reactions to life events allow a great expenditure of energy, which opens the doors of our body to the manifestation of organic diseases.
     Ayahuasca helps in identifying the causes and understanding of the processes that we get sick from the understanding of the causes and what they trigger in the human body. By identifying the events that led to our traumas, we can then look at them with a more sincere point of view, we get from the capacity for personal internalization, ie contact with consciousness.
   We must learn to deal differently with the causes of suffering to change our response to the event, and thus respond to life in a healthier way.
This learning, which allows us to ayahuasca offers an impact on all aspects of human life, your mental, emotional and physical health.

Ayahuasca - What for?

   A simple look at the history and can refer to many tribes seeking spiritual guidance with the aid of sacred plants - Aztec, Egyptian, Nordic, Hindu, African, Persian, Apaches and the more one wants to investigate. Plants that enhance the awareness of consciousness are used for centuries, but today they were detached from their original function and labeled as hallucinogenic drugs.
   Ayahuasca, Jahre or Souls of wine is a fermented tea, similar to the wine character. The jagube is a masculine energy of vine and brings strength, already chacrona, feminine energy, gives birth to ayahuasca practices; this mixture of Power and Light derives a relaxation along with the feeling of expansion of consciousness, a state of peace and participation in the whole. Far from being a hallucinogen, the souls of wine is actually a entheogenic substance (entheos = God within).

We believe that the wisdom of plants belong to nature and teach us just as the same, not belonging to any religion or ideology.
jahre - ayahuasca - wine - tribe - brasilian - secret of plants

   The Wine of the Souls enables us to increased awareness of practices so that we can relate directly with the intimate, that is, our own divinity. Ayahuasca combined with relaxation, concentration, intuition, visions and astral travel, can revolutionize the depths of the human being.
Plants naturally lead us to the proper balance of nature, be it emotional, mental or sexual ... So why fear? Why not?