segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2015

Meditation and Ayahuasca

   Meditation is a spiritual practice that aims to internalization, their best results occur when we have a goal, for example, when we seek the solution to a problem. If hover without a defined goal, probably the situations, although providing in learning, will not lead us anywhere.
   One of the principles used in meditation are the breath control techniques. The breath when performed correctly stimulates the increase of substances in the human body that aid in process of internalization.
    These can also be found in nature, in plants that contains in its composition. These plants - known as master plans, joined the firm goal of self-knowledge and spiritual maturation, are able to help us as teaching the body language necessary to achieve internalization.
    Ayahuasca has been used for millennia for the purpose of awakening the human being beyond the five senses, teaching us to live according to the natural right of vertical rise, ie without charging the spiritual teachings we receive in the meditation process with ayahuasca without the ascending energy marrow division, ie without vertebrae or degrees, published in various esoteric currents, ayahuasca none of this makes sense, does not promote the fragmentation of divinity - that is, we do not worship trinities or dualities, simply work in connection with our internal Father.
    The plants are there to help us, because in addition to providing greater energy relaxation are that well-targeted and used wisely put us on another level of being. Bringing meditation and ayahuasca can make contact with our own divinity and to continue work that no one can perform for us.