quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2015


   They make a tremendous mystique upon the works with ayahuasca, which to some extent is beautiful because it creates a charm, a supernatural air to what happens in the rites with the tea. But ayahuasca has to do with less holy, less books, less pre-designed templates of what is simple. 
   Summarize so mystical, so talk to a single chorus - Experience!
   Ayahuasca is not theory, it's practice. No use asking how it will be, or psychoanalytic theories put in front of situation, try the thing, see with your eyes and feel with the taste itself. At the end in a few hours everything goes and there, you see what there is.
  The knowledge that so many seek in philosophy of libraries is not in any book, it is lived experience, this is ayahuasca - the possibility of having a knowledge, not to say out there that has not to be more just to live better. Do not get out there exist theoretically living, try being.
    Less theory, more reality, more practical.