quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2015

Ayahuasca and the memory of past lives

    Sometimes occurs that to study the causes of our difficulties we realize that the origins of our behavior are in a different time than we live; is common in ayahuasca that we remember from other lifes. It's fun to rediscover - Who I went?  How was my life before? What brought me here?
    The benefits are immense, with ayahuasca you do more to remember, you can relive the situation and understand it in order to disassemble the trauma introduced in the psyche, thus producing a whole structural in change relation to lived problem.
    Remember the past life is normal in a healthy human being, if we search in the media or around us, we realize that children have a tremendous ease of bringing forth those memories that stay in the shade.
   To work on the causes simply want and remember, ayahuasca provides the opportunity.
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