segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

The Thymus Gland

    Thymus is a word of Greek origin meaning vital energy. Timo acts in regulating mood, the immune process and refinement of emotions among other functions; Your deregulated energy turning leads to the heart, lungs and coronary arteries various losses. When we stimulate this gland positively we can sort out our emotions, especially benefiting the proper functioning of the heart and throat chakras.

Exercise A - Feeling the presence of Timo: Standing with straight trunk, right arm 'hold' left shoulder. Place your hand just below the left shoulder and go 'walking' with his fingers toward the left scapula as much as possible. Do the same with the left arm.

Exercise B - Stimulating Timo: Make small taps with the pulp of the fingers on the breastbone (about 2 fingers below the collarbone). Ask these taps around this region exploring and feeling these vibrations; feel the heat produced in this region.

Exercise C - Releasing stagnation: Close hands fully and roll them together (the proximal and middle phalanges) over Timo, in central chest, between the nipples and toward you with cetra pressure to activate this energy center and Your Gland.