domingo, 27 de março de 2016

Ruby and chakra cardiac

   Many people of humanity are stunned with the heart, can not discern the guidance of your own divinity from outside interference posed in front, beside or above the heart. To avoid false information must start by keeping the heart chakra clean and in order. Especially within the practices with ayahuasca if the thing start to get confused, work the heart chakra, it is there that comes all our sense of orientation.
   The first step is to realize which way to rotate the chakra, it must rotate clockwise - seen as a clock

Per second, we can improve the cleanliness of the chakra with the help of elemental stones, especially the Ruby faceted have a very nice connection with the heart as they help to protect it and clean it when the chakra is clean it emits a light red ruby, like this

 Third, we can use mantras, they help us to maintain a vibration continues during working order in the mess. Inhale deeply and exhale spinning the chakra and making Ooooooooo sound.